IAE offers three unique audit preparation services. These services will educate and prepare your current and future management teams, staffs and students in preparation for their roles as internal auditors or auditees. These services are based on many years of my conducting audits, interfacing with internal and external audit organizations and teaching controls and auditing concepts including the do’s and don’ts of audit engagement. The three main educational offerings are:  Auditing Financial Statements, Auditing Information Systems and Conducting Mock Audits.  


Each of the above entails one week of education. The pre-requisite for participating in Mock Audits is the completion of one of the weekly courses in either Auditing Financial Statements or Auditing Information Systems. The Mock Audit participation makes little or no sense unless the participant is first educated in the audit process and control basics.


General information:

1) Review of material, logistics and rehearsals with executive management will take place one month prior to the classes, leaving time for modifications and changes to be made, if warranted.

2) Classes are limited in size to 20 students.

3) All sessions will cover an entire 8 hour day.

4) All sessions will take place at the client's location.

5) Educational services will be restricted to Northern New Jersey or New York City.

6) All handouts and exercise materials will be provided by IAE.

7) All visual aid equipment and appropriate educational facilities will be supplied by the client. 

8) The price for each one week 40 hour session will be $2500.

9) Optionally, the 40 hour sessions can be spread over 2 weeks with 20 hours for each week.  A two week approach with half day sessions each day can be more effective, preventing the possibility of saturation with an overflow of information in an 8 hour day. If spread over two weeks, the cost for the 40 hour session will be $2800.

10) The first 3 months of service will be free for fist time clients.

11) REMINDER: A pre-requisite for Conducting Mock Audits will be the completion of either Auditing Financial Statements or Auditing Information Systems 


More detail on the three offerings can be found on this website.