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       Do you have necessary controls and infrastructure in place to make sure that your company can assure both the integrity  and accuracy in your financial reporting and information systems? Are your executives prepared to undergo either internal or external audits? Are your management teams audit ready? Have they effectively addressed and implemented controls or risk assessments in response to previous audit recommendations? Will your management teams be intimidated when interfacing with auditors? Do your management teams know what to say and what not to say when being interviewed by auditors? And extremely important, will you be told by your management and key staff personnel that they are ready to pass audits when, in actuality, they are not? Will you be faced with an illusion of control, which is the only thing worse than no control? Controls will not be established if your management believes that there there are few if any exposures. After all why should costs be incurred to fix something, if you have the belief is that there is nothing broken?  

   Internal Audit Education (IAE) is an education program designed and delivered by an experienced corporate executive with almost 42 years in a variety of financial and business positions in IBM, author of a book on Information Technology and, more recently, an adjunct professor of auditing to both undergraduate and graduate students at Kean University in New Jersey.

    The IAE program will make sure that current and future management staffs: 

  1.   Become well versed in internal control theory and practice in meeting acceptable audit standards 

  2.   Enhance their knowledge of controls 

  3.   Ensure that basic fundamental controls and ethical behavioral policies are established and are effectively being executed    

  4.   Understand their company's overall compliance plans as well as controls, and validate that the two are effectively integrated 

  5.   Gain an understanding of audit readiness fundamentals and achieve an audit readiness posture

  6.   Acquire a sound audit education and knowledge of the internal audit process

  7.   Learn to effectively interface with auditors via role playing in mock audit simulations


     Read on to find out more about the courses, including mock audits, the instructor and how IAE can help your company meet its financial and business objectives while complying with regulatory requirements and regulations.

 Audit Meeting confrontation between auditors and auditee

Audit Meeting

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